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                Almond Hulls

Almond hulls are a feedstuff with an overall nutritional value equal to mid-grade alfalfa hay which can be included in most animal diets at levels as high as 20-40% of diet dry matter with little or no negative impact on animal performance.

One of the advantages of cattle production is the alternative feeds that are available. They are usually cheaper than grains and hays in providing energy, protein, and bulk filler to a diet. These feeds are sold by food processing plants, commodity brokers, or growers. 

Convention Almond Hulls

Almond hulls are  used as a supplement feed for dairy cows at present, but can be used in pasture and poultry feed.


Organic Almond Hulls

Certified Organic Hulls

Animal Bedding 

Shells are used for livestock bedding & are a valuable coproduct and are a cheaper than alternatives to wood shaving & compatible to sand.

Bagged Feed

Coming Soon!


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